For this week’s post, we’re gonna cast some funky green neon coloured spotlight on SPORTSGIRL.

First up! Their accessories look as if they jumped outta our dreams and onto the screen πŸ™‚

and these are absolute steals.

Add a vintage feel to your outfit with this Multi Panel Piped Clutch – rm85

Stunning clutch with curved V contrast trim detailing, magnetic fastening and fully lined. Get the Curved V Clutch – rm113

The very retro and detailed Double V Clutch would be prefect for a night out with the girls, paired with some skinny jeans and a pretty white flowy top. Ma Ma Mia! – rm 85

feeling like a splurge and ready to spoil yourself silly?

Fashionista meet the Delilah bag, luxurious in its chocolatey goodness with lattice front detailing and twin handles – rm 143

This sexy number comes with a chain so you can adapt it either a clutch or a more original take on that black quilted chanel bag that mischa barton always totes around. Instant fashion rep comes with the Penelope Lattice Clutch – rm 127

We’ve featured this bag before for only one reason. The very earthy and boho shade of muted yellow is gorgeous, and the trim and braid detailing is not trendy, more classic. making this bag everlasting. The Lila bag is yours for – rm 143

The piece de resistance, the Brooklyn Bag. With its deep mahogany brown colour, perfectly detailed detailing on both sides and the immaculate plaiting at the side pockets, it looks expensive, classy and everything a girl wants in a good bag. – rm 229

Nothing sparks up an outfit like the perfect accessory. We should know that right girls? πŸ™‚

With its size, no one’s gonna miss it. But heck, its got more than size going for this ring. The bold colours and architectural design screams out for attention. You want some attention? The Sienna ring is for you. – rm 85

In love with art deco, stained glass and the like? Well lookie here dahlings, with the Circle Of Lilies ring, you’ll look delicate, very feminine and dainty…and we know how the boys like that! – rm 68

Available in both gold and silver, this Antique Knot Cuff will add much Grecian sexayness to any outfit at all. -rm 83

Add some bling to your outfit with the Pebbled Jewel Cuff. Its very bold, and silver is an understated precious metal…which we think trumps gold mosta the times! Very yummy – rm 83

Love, love, love this inspired Vintage Leaf Cuff with its intricate details. Its very very autumn-y and we don’t get enough seasons around our tropical region. Add some artist credibility to your appearance and some leafy sexyness (we have no idea what that means either!) – rm 98

finally, we are loving the Brianna Cami cause of its gorgrous floral material, awesome contrast hemming and uber cute flutter sleeves. Add some flowery goodness to your wardrobe. -rm113

So thats the spotlight for this week! Be afraid Hayden, that fashion queen thing you got going on. So gonna lose it πŸ˜‰

*all prices quoted are inclusive of service charge and delivery fee from aussie. Additional charges may be incurred for local delivery.


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love comes in these packages

check out these ridonkulously good looking clothes. its like watching wentworth miller behind bars. irresistable.

from sportsgirl, they’ve got that perfect leather handbag which is the perfect mix of hobo and city chic. the tops are in neutral colours which is so feminine and so easy to match with anything else. that one shouldered top with ruffles – divine. and that vest is so unique, the colour reminds us of posh hotels…but this time, people are gonna serve US 24/7 in that vest.

the innocent sweetness and bubblegum-ness (we officially create that word as of this very nanosecond!) of the bikinis from Birdmotel make us go Gaga! the pretty pastels with those sexy shapes….gonna make the boys go rawr.

we absolutely love the cream eyelet dress because it reminds us of that juicy couture dress that mischa, ashley and molly sims have. which in our eyes, makes it drool-worthy..duh! And that brown dress may be nothing to shout about but if you have that ABSOLUTELY killer bod, nothing would hug the body and flaunt it better! supre‘s dresses are awfully pretty and so sexy at the same time. The check dress has a great scrunchy thingy going on at the waist, giving definition most dresses like that don’t!

and at bardot, there’s this killer-dominatrix vibe going on. The hint of machismo and the stud detailings are mucho caliente. The grecian styled dress is so hawt and its on sale! And if you definitely got lots of kaching, that leather skirt is soooooooooooooo sassy. Nothing shouts i’m a tough and sexy girl like it does. All the boys are going to dump jessica alba..and run for you. The electric blue top is vavavoomm, we love the bow at the neck, like gwyneth’s pink dress but with zest coz of the colour. LOVE IT.

drooling yet?

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roll call

Brands we handle as of now.





check out the sites and if u see that particularly awesome dress you’d trade adam brody for…you know where to find us!

actually…you don’t. email us at

we’ll be hearing from yall sunkissed, bronzed goddesses soon πŸ™‚

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hello world!

Bonjour and welcome to the poppi!

We’re here to provide yall with ONE service only, and a mighty one at that πŸ™‚

This blog is not some schmuck created outta free time, but to provide everyone with a necessary respite from the dull-o stuff we get in malaysia. The high from china-made, ultra-cheap clothes is only temporary. Quality, babes, is where it’s at. We gotta think international girls. Fashion has no boundaries…only new horizons to go spelunkin. agreed?

We’re digging australian fashion, and with zeee internet, its all only a click away.Β  BUT, that delivery service is youchers. So here’s the deal.

YOU’ll be checking out the goodies. Send us the lust list. WE order. And the delivery charge is fairly split based on the number of clothes you ordered. Simple math! Its just a matter of collective help in our eyes.

IF you still don’t geddit, case 1. bardot has amaaaazing clothes, but that one dress is so not worth the 30 dollars! So at the poppi, we can collect the orders – and ordering 15 dresses from all yall, cutting the delivery charge to 2 dollars a person. got it?

But all that whooshing takes effort, and this is no charity case. So we charge rm10 per item as a service charge 😦 We need moolah tooo! Fair!

This is just an introductory post too tread out the waters, checking out the market. DO be dahlings and communicate pronto!

the poppi.

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